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Hi and welcome to boyz2men.org, your #1 Boyz II Men ressource !
This site was created as a tribute to one of the best vocal groups of the last decade.
Please use the menu on your left to navigate.

Enjoy your stay! :-)

Julien, the webmaster.

:: Song of the week ::

#137. 4 seasons of loneliness (Acoustic version feat. Gabriel Pascoal; 4.02 Mo; password : www.boyz2men.org).
Thanks to our forum member joe8701 for this ! :-)

Please see the "song of the week" section for the previous songs of the week.

[Updated] :: September, 20th ::

Guys, B2M is realeasing a new album soon !!

The release date is set to November, 10th, it will be called "Love", and will include a cover from Journey's "Open arms" (also covered by Mariah Carey), of which you can watch an acapella video by following this link ;-)

You can find more informations about the new album on this page, this one and also here !

Nice surprise, isn't it ? Thanks to Wak for all these good news !

UPDATE on October 4th : album release date has changed to November 24th according to this page (thanx to Brian for this !)

:: March, 30th ::

Hi all !

I got an email from Nizar (thanks to him !) from Funx about an interview they recently did with the Boyz, in Holland !

Click here to view it :-)

:: March, 12th ::

Hi all !

Today I got to meet the Boyz in person !! That was totally unexpected (and the taken pic also) :)

I have to say they are very nice and very friendly...and they knew about / already visited this Web site ! :)

The show in Paris must be finished by now (I'll be in another one next week), so if you were there, don't hesitate to post your feedback in the forum or by e-mail !

:: December, 6th ::

Attention French fans !

Thanks to "Boyz II Men French Family", we know that the Boyz will be touring in France in March 2008 :

- March 12th in PARIS
- March 13th in AMNEVILLE
- March 14th in LILLE
- March 15th in STRASBOURG
- March 17th in NICE
- March 18 in MARSEILLE
- March 19th in TOULOUSE
- March 20th in LYON

Good news ! :-)

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Available on November 24th, '09 !

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